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Top-Rated Android Password Manager and Security Apps

Android password managers not only offer you a convenient way of logging in to your favorite sites quickly and securely as well as store PINs and access codes. (more…)...read more

How to Sync Your Facebook Contacts With an Android

To upload your contacts from your iPhone or Android mobile device: First, you need to click on the three horizontal lines located on the top of your application window. Click Friends> Contacts> Get Started Once you've switched on the mobile contact uploading, your contacts will automatically sync to your Facebook account when you access your app. To sync your contacts from other accounts such as any other email: (more…)...read more

Add A SkyDrive Folder To Send To Menu in Windows

An easy to follow guide on how you can add your most used or your favorite SkyDrive folder into your right-click context shortcut Send To menu… Recently, SkyDrive has been updated; Most of the changes in this update aren’t really visible. Millions of people depend on SkyDrive to automatically sync files, so as with most updates, this one improves performance, reliability, and compatibility of SkyDrive. Now to make the most of your SkyDrive and easily upload your files to your SkyDrive’s favorite folders on the cloud, just follow this simple gu...read more