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Orange To Launch First Intel Phone In UK San Diego

Orange’s San Diego is going to the first mobile which uses the Intel chips and hense is now the first Intel phone in UK. It might not be a excellent made phone but definitely phone features some good specifications which are good and can become quite popular among mid range smart phone users. (more…)...read more

Microsoft’s Move To Take Over iPad and Android Tablets With Surface

The competition among the Tablet market is surely going to increase as now Microsoft will be introducing RT Surface Tablets which will feature the Latest Operating System by Microsoft, Windows8. The Windows8 Surface Tablets will be starting from the price of $199 which will be featuring the Intel Atom processors and higher end Tablets will also be produced which will have the fast New generation Intel i3 and i5 Processors but the costing of those Surface Tablets will increase gradually. Microsoft is focusing on the $199 Surface Tablet so as to...read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Lava Xolo X900

Samsung galaxy SIII is one of the most popular phone of the year but it is simply not the most powerful as we have Lava Xolo X900 which is a phone by Intel, featuring an Atom processor in a mobile. Here are the features of both the phones that you should know. (more…)...read more

Mobile With Intel Atom Processor Lava Xolo X900

Lava recently launched its phone with collaboration with Intel by a phone which is one of its kind. The Intel Lava Xolo X900 is powered by Intel Atom Processor. (more…)...read more

Intel Buys Infineon Wirless Unit With $1.4 Billion

Inter has recently confirmed the acquisition, long overdue, unity Wireless Solutions (WLS) of Infineon, a German company for $1.4 billion. This acqusition will allow Inter to continue the expansion in th production of chips for smartphones and mobile devices such as netbooks and tablet. (more…)...read more