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Upcoming Smartphones – 2014

2014 promises bigger, better, faster and more dynamic smartphones. The year is all set to buzz around octacore, ultrapoint and stimulated 3D UI type of keywords! New players are expected to enter the market and the oldies are committed to not only hold their loyal customer base, but also expand their market and reach new horizons! Here are the list of some of the smartphones, which are expected to make it big in 2014 : (more…)...read more

BlackBerry Trying to Come Back with Z10 and Blackberry OS 10

Ever since Android is becoming popular, Blackberry sales are decreasing constantly every year. Earlier Blackberry OS 7 was launched which hardly made a difference. Now, Blackberry had announced its latest OS that is Blackberry OS 10. Blackberry is a full touch phone with a display of 4.2 inches. Here are the specifications of Blackberry Z10. Capacitive HQ Screen with 355 ppi High Resolution of 768×1280 pixels 16 GB internal memory 2 GB RAM 1.5 GHz dual core processor Blackberry OS 10 Micro SD card slot is also available upto 64 GB 8 Megap...read more

Apple And Android Beats Blackberry

The manufacturers of the blackberry smart phone RIM (Research In Motion) have been defeated by the Apple and Android smart phones as the sales of the Blackberry smart phone has dropped a lot and the company has also faced a huge loss of about $125 million. (more…)...read more

Top Applications For Android That You Must Download

Here are ten applications for your android smart phone which you must download to have a better experience of your android smart phone. (more…)...read more

Apple and BlackBerry Gadgets are Now Banned in Argentina

Today the value of the US dollar is increasing at a high speed and so the currency of other countries is decreasing. In order to stop this declining of currency Argentina government has taken a hard step. (more…)...read more

RIM Attacks Apple — Puts PlayBook VS. iPad in Browser Test [VIDEO]

Today RIM (Research in Motion) posted a side-by-side video of their PlayBook vs. Apple’s iPad to show the browsing ability and speeds the PlayBook has to offer. There were three different tests, they tested both of them in raw web-site rendering, Acid3, and Java. The results are very exciting and unbelievable. (more…)...read more

RIM to Sell BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet for Under $500 to Take on iPad

Research In Motion, RIM, unveiled their would-be iPad killer Blackberry Playbook, back in September during their annual Developer Conference. The 7-inch tablet boasts lots of new features we already covered before. (more…)...read more

The BlackBerry Playbook Really Exists

Last week we told you that RIM unveiled BlackBerry Playbook to compete with Apple's iPad. I saw some posts spreading on the web saying "The BlackBerry PlayBook Doesn't Exist" but the fact is it really exists. Below you can see a real RIM’s Playbook prototype totally reviewed and compared with the iPad. (more…)...read more

RIM Unveils BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet, Heres Full Specs, Features and Release Date

RIM (Research in Motion) today has unveiled a new and unbelievable device to compete with Apple's iPad with 1GB RAM, 1Ghz Dual Core processor, 1080p HD video playback and HDMI output. Lazaridis described the device as “the first professional tablet,” and I can say the same. (more…)...read more

Tawkon App Shows Death Grip on iPhone, BlackBerry, Nexus One [Video]

Tawkon shows us "Death Grip" on iPhone, BlackBerry and Nexus One. This app for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone (Release soon) uses algorithms to determine how much radiation is being emitted from your cellular device. From the official blog, (more…)...read more