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TTPod v3.70 English for S60v5 – Best Symbian Music Player

Symbian Best Music Player - TTPod for S60v5 TTPod 3.70 Final S60v5 EN by Caominh171@SymPViet

New version features {New and Improved}:
1. Decoded based on a new system architecture to improve performance and results, reduce the CPU occupancy and power consumption;
2. Increase environmental sound adjustment function;
3. Increase the balance of left and right channel adjustment function;
4. Optimize most of the pop-up box interface display;
5. The new image processing engine, better display;
6. Increase the image rotation display;
7. To increase picture lantern display;
8. Increase the image rotating display;
9. Increase the shortcut menu;
10. Optimal adjustment of left menu layout;
11. Increase the power-saving mode;
12. Increase in night mode;
13. Increase by album name, by adding time to sort random ranking;
14. Increase the font Stroke effect;
15. Increase the font shadow effects;
16. Increase the font size and color of the lyrics interface regulatory function;
17. Increase the image storage directory customization;
18. Support “start play” and “Memory out of position” set separately;
19. Custom list add “Favorites” list by default;
20. Bluetooth to send support for sending multiple files at the same time;
21. ID3 editor cache optimization methods to improve save rates;
22. Increase the power, the progress bar handle and follow the syntax of animation, and more skin.

***This pack included 2 options for Patch4run installation.


TTPod v3.70 Final S60v5 EN by Caominh171@SymPViet

(Many Thanks to Caominh171 for his English translation)

If you get an Error when opening TTPod you will have to download and install Patch 4 Run

Bonus TTPOD 25 Skins for S60v5!

Download 25 Skins for TTPOD 360×640 Screen Size

You might consider checking out TTPod v4.30 English Stable release and give us some feedbacks about it.

5 Replies to “TTPod v3.70 English for S60v5 – Best Symbian Music Player”

  1. neel

    how to hack

  2. yet

    You’ll need to hack your phone so that you can install any apps without any certificate expiration..

  3. Guimaraes Mor

    TTPod v3.70 S60v5 final apresentada por Caominh171 @ SymPViet
    Certificado expirado – Erro: 2153775105
    Run Patch 4
    Erro no certificado – Erro: 2153775105
    Qual a solucao ?

  4. netbox

    Thanks 😉

  5. Chukwudi obina

    I love this