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Protect, Speed Up and Improve your Phone’s Performance using Free Netqin Mobile Guard

For users who often use internet on their handsets and fail to keep a track of their usage, here’s a solution. NetQin now offers a new free mobile application ‘NetQin Mobile Guard’ for S60, the 3rd and 5th devices. Users can now easily control their internet usage and enhance speed as the app bundles together a package of system optimization, web management, and proactive defense tools.

This app improves performance while eliminating the power consumption and alerts users about their internet usage. The mobile optimization scans ensure that the handset operates effectively. The integrated Operating System Scan scans basic functions that the handset may possess. Further based on the scan results, the app provides a rating of the phone’s efficiency status. Unnecessary files can be deleted manually as the boot and task managers help users get into the system.
Protection is enhanced as the app protects the system from malicious programs and files. The Anti-Malware scan feature scans installation files before installing them. The app also offers a Safe Mode option that solves the handsets’ problems and prevents the loss of data. Users can deactivate the anti-malware feature from the time the system started, thereby restricting viruses’ affecting the system. The app begins only with the basic system files running.
The NetQin Mobile Guard v2.4 highlights and records incoming and outgoing internet traffic with the flexibility to limit on how much internet can be used. The app also offers users a real-time display of traffic flow to restrict internet usage and avoid unnecessary phone charges. A spam cleaner is also included to eradicate spam that exists in the handset.

NetQin Mobile Guard for Symbian S60 devices was officially released on Friday, July 9th, 2010! This new product serves many purposes from system optimization to internet usage tracking, not to mention, it’s FREE!

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