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Create Screenshots in your Symbian Phone

Create or capture screenshots in your mobile phone using Super Screenshots.
Screenshots can be called super-phone client software screenshot, I have been using this for quite a long time now and definitely the best screen capturing application I have tried.

Super Screenshots for Symbian Phone
Draw on open source software screenshot, Screenshots original engine, makes the software (super screenshot) can be interception, including desktop wizard, magic-for-message, desktop.

With a watermark feature to set up switches, and can customize the watermark pattern, give you a screenshot of icing on the cake, personalized full watermark file can be found in data superscreenshotswatermark.mbm , and even you can create your own custom watermark for personal touch. (I will post on how to create a custom watermark in your PC soon).

I personally tested this on Nokia N79 S60v3 FP2 and Nokia 5800 XM S60v5 and it works well.
(This is for Symbian OS S60v3/S60v5, Unsigned Version, you need to signed it w/ your certificate and key if your phone is not hacked)

Download Super Screenshots v1.05 via 4shared

If you want to create a custom watermarks for superscreenshots, we have a tutorial for that.
check out our post on How to Create a Custom Watermarks for Superscreenshots.

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