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Happy 1st Anniversary to All

Its 1st year official anniversary and from all of us, we would like to say and give our appreciation to all subscribers and visitors…

We just want to let you know that oldest articles here are posted 4 years ago, it was year 2007 to be exact, and why we are saying 1st year anniversary? because was officially launched a year ago on August 28, 2010. logo

I started blogging on 2007 when I was on (a Google free blogging site) and then I wanted to take blogging to a next level, purchasing a domain, acquiring our own host to run wordpress and started it all over again and yes this is why I am saying a official 1st year anniversary…

Honestly, I am not a good writer but I think all the words explained in our articles are understandable and easy to follow. I’m still working on to be a good writer but that’s not my main goal, the main thing is to share you helpful and good stuff that may be useful to windows users like us.

Again, Thank you very much for supporting us and we hope you enjoy reading our tips and tutorials, like our wallpapers, windows themes that we shared, and many others.

Please take time to navigate our menu above that we organized for you to browse our pages easier. We also listen to your comments and suggestions or any queries. so, don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

Thank you and Happy 1st year anniversary to all subscribers and visitors.

8 Replies to “Happy 1st Anniversary to All”

  1. yet

    Thank u very much. I appreciate your time dropping a precious comment…

  2. Saleem Siju

    well done keep it up

  3. yet

    😉 Thanks

  4. ha14

    Happy Birthday

  5. Meena Bassem

    Oh boy , i was gonna say quite the same ;D

  6. yet

    Thanks bro… I am thankful that I have you as a friend 😀

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  8. Meena Bassem

    Keep up the good work bro ;D