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Remove Unwanted Firefox Context Menu Command

Ever wanted to remove that context menu command in firefox that you think it is not important to you or ever wanted to temporarily disable it?

for this example we are going to remove that Open Link in New Window Command in Firefox Context Menu when we right-click a link in a page.

Firefox Main Context Menu

Now, with the help of Firefox Menu Editor Add-on it’s easy to customize it the way you want

Firefox Main Context Menu Customized

Just Install Menu Editor Addons, then restart your firefox, after restarted go to your firefox menu bar > tools > addons and click options in Menu Editor addons.

now you can customize the context menu commands that you want to be remove or disable.

Firefox Menu Editor Addon

Click the check mark to disable or the Hide button on the left side…
That’s all there is to it, no need to restart to take effect, it is automatically applied when you click OK or Apply button.

Thanks and hope this helps you.

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