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FIX NOD32 v4.2.58.4 and MalwareBytes v1.46 Both Installed Freezes Windows

Hello guys!

I am going to make this simple and short because we’re talking about Anti-viruses and Anti-Malware both installed in Windows are a lot of topics to discuss and we are not going to talk about that issues in this tutorial..

The issue here is I have Installed NOD32 Business Edition v4.0.417 and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware v1.46 PRO before and it is fully working and functional, fast on my PC without any lags or system resources problem..

Now, NOD32 v4.2.58.4 was released, so i upgraded. (removed my old nod32 and install the latest version i mentioned (installed without any problem or conflicts) but after restarted my PC, of course MalwareBytes and NOD32 runs at the same time, my Windows freezes or hangs (i even wait for a few minutes, hours) still hangs..

Ok, enough said 😀

Here’s the only simple fix for it..

Start your Windows in Safe-Mode, Open MalwareBytes Anti-Malware program..

go to Protection tab and Uncheck all in the boxes…


after un-checking all boxes, Exit it and Restart your PC to Normal Mode.

now when your in your desktop, you are now running smoothly with NOD32 Anti-virus running but no MalwareBytes Anti-Malware in system tray and protecting your system.

Right-click in your NOD32 icon in system tray and click Advance Setup


in advance setup, click the Exclusions, then in the right-side pane there’s a button Add


a dialogue box appears, browse to this location,

C:Program FilesMalwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

and select mbam.exe, then do the same thing for mbamgui.exe and mbamservice.exe, just like the preview (click thumbnail for bigger size)

after adding all 3 files to exclusion’s list, just click OK to apply the settings..

Now, start your MalwareBytes Anti-Malware program to protect your system,

Start Menu > All Programs > MalwareBytes’ Anti-Malware…

There’s shouldn’t be any problem at this stage..

Don’t forget to set your Anti-Malware Protection settings back to default


Note: you can only set this options if you have PRO edition of MalwareBytes. The free edition has no option to Auto-Start/Auto-Protect when windows starts, but still you can scan for malwares with free edition.

That’s all and hope this will help you.

Drop your comments below if you have anything to say…

Thank you…