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Download White Metro Skin for Yahoo! Messenger

Metro style or design are hip nowadays. Making the whole UI experience minimal and easy to use. How about a White Metro Theme for Yahoo! Messenger?

White Metro Skin for YM

White Metro Theme or Skin for Yahoo! Messenger is clean, minimal design, simple & obviously white and it was created from dA community member Lerauxe.

How To Install White Metro Theme on your Yahoo! Messenger?

  1. Download and Extract the archive to your desktop, inside the extracted file there’s a folder called “White”, copy that folder and paste it to:
    C:Program FilesYahoo!Messengerskins – (if you are using a 32bit machine)
    C:Program Files (x86)Yahoo!Messengerskins – (if you are using a 64bit machine).
  2. Start the Yahoo Messenger and select the ‘White’ skin from the drop down theme choices of your Yahoo! Messenger client.

That’s all and Enjoy.

Download White Metro Skin for Yahoo! Messenger

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