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Tripletters: Give the App Stores Newest Word App a Spin!

What’s Word Scramble, mixed with a bit of Vegas-style slot machine gambling, and a dash of Textropolis? A little lost? Allow me to explain in a little bit of detail. Tripletters is a word-making puzzle game where there’s no timer, or time limit, and the object of the game is to put together words with the three letters (a la triple letters) that are given to you. The longer your words the more points you score and the higher your score, the better your overall rank.

Where the gambling kicks in the wagering a certain amount of “diamonds”, which serves as your game credits. Each “spin” of the slot machine costs at least 10 diamonds, and the spin determines which three letters you will have to mix and match words with. A nice bonus added to the gambling fun is the “Lucky” letters that flash gold and are worth double the diamonds. You can wager up to 50 diamonds on a spin and that will make the words you create worth a lot more, but beware- if you wager 50, you might just get a horrible combination of letters and be sorry. The game ends when you have less than 10 diamonds.

There’s a lot to like in this fun little word app. The first thing that I liked was the mixture of gambling and casino style wagering, with word combining fun. It doesn’t sound like a marriage that would last, but it works extremely well here.

What the game developers did so well was bring a very sleek, Vegas-style gambling feel to the game, including those slot machine noises you hear in Vegas when you crack that lever and get that slot machine rolling. The gameplay is extremely addicting and immensely entertaining, and I have no doubt will have the fans of Word Scramble, Boggle, Textropolis etc. hooting and hollering when there diamonds come rolling in. Thanks to the bonuses, and awards and achievements, the game has some replay value and helps the gamer feel rewarded for their efforts. And that’s important.

Another great and essential feature was the “Pause” and “Resume Game” function upon exiting the app. I was afraid that my score would be trashed after I exited the app, but to my surprise, it was still there, right where I left it. The most frustrating element about this game, however, was the keyboard as it was just too darn tiny and many times had me fumbling trying to get the right letter. Luckily, there’s no timer or time limit penalizing you but it still is frustrating.

I’m really digging this game, and every if word games are your thing then you must check this game out. It’s sale introductory price is $0.99, so you better act quick and grab this amazing app. Try your luck, it might just be your day.

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4 Replies to “Tripletters: Give the App Stores Newest Word App a Spin!”

  1. snow_mani

    Thanks for the review and additional info guys. I missed this one and purchased it after seeing the review and comments.

    I’m really enjoying the game and finding it surprisingly challenging. I’ve had some easy letters and some harder ones.

    It’s bright, fun and truely a unique word game. Well done to the developers for thinking of this one!

    If you are into word games I recommend this one. Especially if you are getting bored with your existing games.

  2. k88dad

    I never cease to be amazed at the creativity of developers in coming up with new twists on the basic word game. I’ll check this out.

  3. Stewie

    Just got this myself…. my biggest complaint is that you can only make 5 words per three-letter combo. I’d like to be allowed to make more than that and earn a bunch of diamonds. Either way, I like it a lot and think it’s got a get fresh feel that we haven’t yet seen in the word game genre.

  4. Daniel

    Yea..i hear u stewie i shouldve mentioned that in the review but i didnt figure that out till later. but yeah the scoring is a little flawed but its still pretty dang fun…