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Land Air Sea Warfare Review: An All Terrain Battle For the Ages

Real Time Strategy games have been attempted on the iDevice, but nothing is nearly as good as LASW. Build and command huge armies to dominate the map and opposing countries using your own wit and warfare intelligence. This game is not just the best RTS I’ve ever played on my iPod, it’s the best game I’ve ever played on my iPod period.

Your goal in LASW is to destroy the opposing countries’ headquarters. Do this by researching different technologies, building factories, generators, and units for the land, air and sea, assembling mega units, upgrading your units and headquarters, and commanding and moving your units to seek and destroy the enemies while defending your own headquarters. Simply put: this game is massive. There’s literally so much you can do it’s almost overwhelming- there’s so many units, buildings, etc. and so many different ways to upgrade and utilize what you have that luck is not a factor here, your strategy and intelligence will decide the outcome of each battle.

Not just the gameplay is huge and feature filled. There are also all kinds of options and ways to customize each game. You can choose out of the tons of countries which you want to be, you can choose if you want to be on a team with a computer, how advanced you want to be when you start the game, how large you want the map, how many players you want, what the landscape and climate will be, etc. Plus the game generates a new map layout for each battle, so you will never have the same experience twice with all the customization you have the ability to make.

LASW also doesn’t slack on the look and feel of the game. The graphics of the game are nice but pretty traditional for RTS landscapes, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. The sounds of battle like the planes whizzing by definitely add to the effect of battle, but the troops talking and yelling can get kind of annoying. Overall all the fighting in the game looks chaotic and fast paced, which is what a battle is supposed to look like. The menus of the game look professional and nice, even though the in game menus take up a lot of screen real estate, but their size is a necessity.

I don’t have many complaints for this one, it’s got a great tutorial to get you started and you’ll be able to start out slow to get your head wrapped around things. The buttons along the top of the screen aren’t very responsive and I often have to tap them several times. But my biggest complaint is the lack of online multiplayer, since this game would work perfectly with it

Overall LASW is more than worth the money at five dollars. It’s hard to explain the shear number of features and options you have to make your army the way you feel is best suited for battle in such a short review. To beat a really difficult computer, you’ll have to utilize all kinds of units and upgrades and technology. Everything has its pros and cons, and you’ll have to be the judge of what works best. LASW is filled to the brim with content and replayability, so your five dollars will be well spent. I’ll admit that this type of game isn’t really suited for the casual, pick up and play demographic the iDevice was made for, but if you like RTS games whatsoever, it would just be wrong not to pick this one up.

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