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Jaadu VNC Review

Having owned and reviewed a couple of different remote connectivity devices for the iPhone i was expecting a very similar experience with Jaadu. Boy was I wrong.

Let me just get this out of the way. If your in the market for a remote connectivity client for the iPhone stop right now. Open iTunes and buy this app right now. Don’t even worry about the rest of this article your search for the perfect VNC client is officially over.

However if your no going to take my word for it read on. I will show you the errors of your ways and convince you to trust me next time.

Jaadu (Ja-do) is the only full featured remote connectivity applications that connects to any computer running a VNC server and allows you to see all of your displays full-size, with no screen resolution limits, were not talking about 1024&#215-768 screens here were talking about multiple monitors and a total screen resolution of 5120 x 1600 all without ANY warnings or connection problems!

Upon firing up Jaadu the first thing I noticed was the ease I had setting it up. On OS X I literally did nothing. It found I was running a VNC server and it added my server to the interface. I simply clicked connect and entered my name and password and was immediately in!

It was just as easy in VISTA 64 as well, except it did not automatically add my server I had to enter my info, and it connected just as fast and seamless as it had in OS X.

Speaking of connections there are a plethora of connections options from encoding protocols, colors, screen refresh rates, rotation lock, inverting mouse, to cursor momentum available for tweaking to your perfection.

Jaadu supports OS X and tigers screen sharing, and remote desktop features, as well as windows RealVNC, UltraVNC, TightVNC, as well as Linux Based VNC servers such as CentOS 5.

Once connected the top of the screen will showcase the toolbar for Jaadu and this is where the magic happens.

There are buttons for closing the connection, changing connection settings on the fly, a button for SHIFT-CTRL-ALT commands, a function pad, and the keyboard.

The most impressive aspect of the controls is the media icon. When used it will bring up a set of hot keys or macros along with the F1-F12 keys, and number pad.

Say for example you need to CTRL ALT DEL to get to the task manager in Vista. Simply press the function button and hit the macro and it’s done! need to select all the text on the screen no problem, copy, paste all with ease just press the button!

Speaking of controls Jaadu take a different approach to VNC controls. You can move the mouse around and click on different windows but what fun is that? How about placing three fingers on the screen and swiping horizontally to mimic alt-tabbing, or a two finger tap to right click, three fingers zooms in and out quickly. Everything is right there at your finger tips!

I connected to both OS X and Vista 64 over 3G and I had almost NO lag on a 1900&#215-1200 display. Other apps crashed out on me multiple times, or asked to reduce the screen resolution to function right. Not Jaadu it just worked. I even turned on my webcam from 30 miles away and watched the children playing in the snow outside and was impressed with the framerate of and quality of the video.

The developers of Jaadu did their homework when designing this app and the professionalism shows through from start to finish. I honestly didn’t expect the app to feel this good. I felt as if I was right there sitting at my computer from 30 miles away.

Like I said earlier if you are in the market for a VNC iPhone client take my word for it. This is hands down the best version I’ve used so far. Fast, friendly, and best of all it just plain works as advertised!

The developer also has plans to add even more security options and features in future updates.

For those looking for a RDP client Jaadu has one of these as well which even streams SOUND! We look forward to bringing you that review as well in the coming weeks.

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30 Replies to “Jaadu VNC Review”

  1. ninjanator

    wow very impressive app… i have this app and i love it…. the only problem that i don’t like about it is that there is no sound… i tried to go on YouTube to watch a video and the video itself had a lot of discoloration… any ideas why? and is there any way to get the sound to come through the ipod speakers?

  2. hkiphone

    Hi Ninjanator,

    I don’t have Jaadu VNC, but I have RemoteTap for $5 and it works just as good as what others have said about Jaadu. Works fast, easy to use, and works even over Internet if you are on Wifi and run a dynamic DNS daemon on your mac.

    However, running Youtube on your mac and trying to watch it on your Jaadu seems abit redundant: why not copy the link and watch it on the built-in

    If you need to watch movies that reside on your mac, then you can try AirVideo. Costs $3 I think, and manages to convert even AVI files in realtime into formats that iPhone can view. Works fine over local wifi.

  3. Glenn

    congrats to silent rider the winner of the APP!

  4. SilentRider

    Thanks. I was excited after getting the email with the code, but when I went to iTunes and entered the code it gave me this message: “The offer associated with that song code has expired”.

  5. Javi

    Use my PC wherever I go? Where can I sign up? Thanks for the review Glenn. Hopefully they have a sale soon so I can get it.

  6. Rocketman919

    Man this looks like it would be a great app. Glenn is it possible to use Microsoft Word while using this?

  7. Glenn

    yes you can do anything your PC can.. Even Warcraft though its slow!

  8. Rocketman919

    sounds awesome!

  9. Shadow

    Which Warcraft did you try? There are quite a few.

  10. Shawn

    Pretty useful app when you’re away and need to get access to something on your desktop – just send it via an email to yourself!

  11. Shadow

    Yes, it could come in handy for that sort of thing.

  12. SilentRider

    I would love to have this app on my iPhone, but I’m still waiting for a price drop. I remember when it was $20 and was thinking that I would get it if it dropped to $10.

    By looking at appshopper, it was $5 for a one day sale in September, but I didn’t have an iPhone then. So sad to have missed that sale.

  13. Rocketman919

    also, can you access your itunes somehow?

    And whats the difference between a VNC client and an RDP client?

  14. Rocketman919

    can this be used while your computer is off?

  15. Shadow

    No, I’m pretty sure you would need to be running the VNC client on your computer.

  16. Chumbake

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been curious how that is, but didn’t want to shell out $25 for it. I work in a computer store, so there are so many possibilities for having the app.

  17. Jomskylark

    It seems like a good app worth having. However, isn’t the price of $25 a bit steep? I could see a good price of $10.

    My observations are that it’s very professional, but I’m thinking I’d get a lower class app.

    However, it looks fantastic!

  18. Glenn

    Ive used almost all of these vnc clients and this is the best one I have used cheaper than some others and easily better and more professional.

  19. Shadow

    I’ve tried the lite versions of most of the VNC apps. I preferred Jaadu over the other VNC apps available.

    If it weren’t for the price I would probably pick it up, would come in handy as I often forget to print assignments out and it would allow me to easily email them to myself to be printed at my location.

  20. polakski

    wow. now i can se if my wife is mad or happy. great app though i dont know what else to use it with??.

    anybody know a vnc that works the other way around. I would love to be able to control my iphone when its connected to my stereo.

  21. GhostRider

    This would be a great app to own. Just the idea of using it while I’m in college or at work and fire up my PC in my home.

    No need to carry my laptop everywhere with this app in my iPhone.

  22. akame

    you must be techically inclined to use this app, especially dealing with the port numbers.

  23. Shadow

    Wow, an application such as this is awesome. Most of my college campus has wifi. The thought that one would be able to access their entire computer from their device over the internet and manipulate it, while being able to see the physical screen on your device is simply incredible.

  24. Rocketman919

    as a noob to VNC, how exactly does it work? What can i do with it? Also do the clients for the computer cost money in addition to the VNC on the iphone?

  25. Shadow

    No, I believe the clients are available on the developers website.

  26. jmh11

    Wow, this looks great. *crosses fingers*

  27. rorreyguy

    after reading the reviews i am a little skeptical because they say that you are under attack every time you use this program scary

  28. Glenn

    Your not under attack, it’s like any other application you install. A Port is opened on your PC and if it’s not secure you are vulnerable.

    They do offer security measures just like ever other VNC client.

  29. rorreyguy

    haha i was waiting for a program like this. hopefully i win. this app looks great laters glen

  30. akame

    i trying to figure out what i can use it for to remote control my mac or pc.

    use it as a remote-control song station for changing the songs on my pc?