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BeejiveIM Review

What a crazy world we live in. It wasn’t long ago that I carried a pager so that people could reach me. Then I had a job where I was given a cell phone, I was looked at like I was a millionaire. Then everyone had mobile phones (kids, grandmothers, even the Amish). Now I need two phones to handle business and personal stuff.

picture-10But that’s still not enough. People need to be able to instant message me through any number of accounts that are available. Luckily, as the Apple ads will tell you&#8230- There’s an app for that.

From everything I’ve heard and read, BeejiveIM is the best app for getting your instant messages&#8230- well&#8230- instantly. But when an app is this costly ($15.99 USD) it takes a little more than just taking someone’s word for it, I had to see it for myself. Though, I guess that by you’re reading this, you’re just taking my word for it.

Long story short&#8230- there is a reason this is called the best. It is, the Best.

Most people are pretty familiar with Instant messaging by now. In fact, I think I might have been one of the last people in my office to get with the program and stop sending emails every time I needed to contact someone. That being said, I’m not going to do a deep dive about the ins and outs of the processes involved. Just know that it’s like texting, only smoother. And you know if the person you’re trying to reach is available to talk with you at the time.

Beejive IM connects over Wifi, 3G, and Edge connections without a hitch or lag.

A wonderful thing with this game is the user interface. When you need to talk to someone instantly you don’t want to have to fool around with screens and all that stuff. You want to be notified right away, and you want to be able to respond. You’ll have no problem doing just that with BeejiveIM.

But what makes this app worth the money is just how easy it is to manage multiple accounts, all of them working in perfect harmony with each other. Beejive currently supports Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, AOL, iChat, ICQ, Jabber, and Myspace accounts concurrently.

Once setup you can set individual settings per user (like always appearing offline to some).

You can send files, including voice and photos to people with ease. You’ll find it a breeze to manage all of your buddy lists in each of your different accounts. This includes being able to see all of your buddy’s icons &#8211- which my daughter thinks is pretty cool.

I love how easy it is to hyperlink things. Sending links to websites, videos, and email addresses is a breeze. The same can be said for phone numbers. I really like that part because I’m old fashioned and I’d rather talk to someone most times then “chat” with them. Plus I’m still a little slow on the touch keys.

picture-111Speaking of the typing&#8230- this app allows you to text in either portrait or landscape mode, and also supports customized color settings for conversations.

Want to chat in any language supported by your iPhone? Sure, it does that as well. Like to use all those cool emoticons (my daughter does), it’s got you covered. Block people you don’t like? Covered.

Oh&#8230- and you want to stay connected even when you’ve closed the app? Why not? BeejiveIM will keep you on and you can get notified instantly if you have push email. If you do not have push email your still covered as the second you reconnect your conversation will continue.

You have the option to save your conversation logs for reading them later as well.

You can also setup your accounts to be viewed in personalized groups on the iPhone. These can differ than your computers groups as well.

Basically this app sets out to do everything you’d like to do with an IM, and does it. The developers has kept improving their app through frequent updates.

So we have to go back to the price&#8230- is it worth it? First I’ll point out what all the $1 apps have done for us. They’ve made us forget that we used to pay at least double this price for an app this good and didn’t blink. They’ve made us think that we should get everything for a $1. Well, if you want the dollar menu at McDonalds go right ahead. I’ll enjoy a nice steak at a good restaurant and be happy I paid a little more for it. If your a heavy SMS user this is a GODSEND as well as this app does not charge you for the messages there paid in full with your purchase.

In short, you get what you pay for, and, yes, I think this app is more than worth it.

The Good


Seamless account management and conversations

ability to customize everything to your liking

Voice support, and hyperlinking, PUSH!

Too many to mention.

The Bad


Now Glenn can reach me every time I turn on my phone!


23 Replies to “BeejiveIM Review”

  1. Glenn

    Congrats to JohnnyNoNo the winner of the free app!

  2. Bessamy

    Wow, this is a cool app!

    I had no idea all it could do. Thanks for the review!

  3. mek

    i;ve been meaning to pick this one up, but appsniper says it was once 10 bucks, so I suppose i can hold out a little bit longer until it has another sale

  4. Matthew

    i only have those free instant messagers

    but all people say thats the best im for the itouch so hope i win

    btw good review

    why do i always think better about those games^/apps you reviewed?^^

  5. Charlie

    i think this app is the besst instant meassing app

    thank you for the great review!

  6. floob

    Definitely heard many people mention this app. this is the first review ive actually read on this.

  7. irene1975y

    Beejive has been my want-to-get app in the app store. Great to see it being reviewed here. Thanks for the review to increase my awareness.

  8. wiredmind

    This IM beejive is the best that is out there but it certainly cost alot. I reckon why it cost so much is because the developers put alot of hard work into making this app so do give them some credit for that. If it is medium-range price, I will definitely buy it and use it on my iphone.

    Many features it has and it supports avatars…it is hard to see that in an IM app.

  9. xpiredcoupon

    wow, this app looks fantastic

    i currently only have the apps that support only 1 instant message at a time and it is a real pain to switch back and forth especially when they do not leave you signed on.

    IM+ looks ok, but I was still seeing mixed reviews about that app

    this app looks beautiful, smooth, and very fluid in many areas

    it is also a huge + that you can type in landscape mode especially for us that have larger than normal fingers O_o

    great review glenn, looks like a fantastic

  10. SilentRider

    Thanks for the review Bob.

    I’ll probably end buying it sooner or later, but hopefully it will be with a price drop of at least $5.

  11. Javi

    As others have said price is a huge factor with this app. I like to IM a lot but can’t find myself spending that much money.

    Thanks for the review.

  12. GhostRider

    I’ve been waiting for a price drop for this. This is a must have for every IM user out there, but I believe it is a bit pricey.

  13. kill3rgam3r

    I have wanted this app since forever! Great review!

  14. Chumbake

    I’ve wanted this app for quite sometime now. And your review makes me want it more. I’d love steak, unfortunately I’m on a Mcdonald’s budget. Thanks for the review Bob.

  15. snoboardnfreek07

    wow i never heard of this app, but it looks incredible. the 16$ price tag is pushing it a little though. thanks for the review glenn!

  16. snoboardnfreek07

    haha sorry Bob, i assumed Glenn wrote the review

  17. JonnyNoNo

    Add me to the list of people who’ve been looking at this but have wondered about the price. But from everything I’ve read, including here, this is the one to get.

  18. Master Shake

    I’ve heard a lot of things (all of them good) about this but the price is just too much for me.

  19. inogard

    Beejive was an excellent chat program on my WinMo phone I used before I converted. They really seem to have their stuff together when it comes to chat apps. I just hope soon Apple will allow some behind the scenes push action for apps like this so we could get real-time message notifications (outside of the push email system, which is a nice work around I suspect.)

  20. The Game Reaper

    I’ve had my eye on it for a while and while the customizing, push, hyperlinking and recordings sound really cool and tempting, I’m not prepared to dish out 16$ for it.

  21. Mr_Sinisterr

    This looks sooooo SICK!!

  22. Glenn

    Exactly I can not tell you how many time I just hit record message and sent voice messages instead of typing in bed! I love it..

  23. cooldudeshake

    What do I say about this App!! It is certaily the pinnacle of Instant Messaging Apps. The best would be an understatement.