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Siri Can Now Be Used On Apple iPhone4

Apple recently finally launched the update for its new iOS5 which help users to download Apple’s personal assistant software. The iOS5.0.1 is easily available on the Apple Website. There has been a lot of controversy about using the personal assistant software Siri on rest of the Apple devices running on iOS. Earlier a crack was launched with the help of which we could use iOS5 on our iPhone and iPads but since Siri connects with the Apple’s server so that’s why no one could use Siri on device other than Apple iPhone 4S. Now the update iOS5.0.1 is launched which could be downloaded by the users from the Apple’s direct link.

This update also fixes the battery issues of the phone. This is way with the help of which you could get Siri on your iPhone 4. Earlier there was an announcement made by Apple that if anyone tries to break the lock or tries to hack the software to operate Siri, then there would be a legal action taken against that person. Till Now there is no such legal announcement by Apple which confirms the use of Siri on Apple iPhone4 but still there is possibility that in future Siri will be available for the rest of the devices.

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