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No More Youtube For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

When iPhone was launched back in 2007, Apple gave a pre-loaded application of Youtube to its users for watching videos. But now, due to increasing hardships of the relationship between Google and Apple, it seems that iOS devices will not have a Youtube application pre-installed in it.

Earlier this year iOS6 was announced during which Apple announced that Apple is not going to use the Google maps anymore for navigating locations and instead there is some other application launched by Apple which would work just like the Google Maps.

Now, Apple says the same thing for youtube, the main reason behind this is the increasing sales and market of Android, which according to Apple is copied product from iOS of iPhone. However Apple has not announced any replacement of the Youtube or any other video sharing company.

iPhone and iPad users can still watch and post videos on YouTube by opening YouTube in the Safari browser on their phone. The news of YouTube eradication from iPhone came when Apple launched the new test iOS6 version.


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