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How iOS5 is better than Previous Versions

Apple recently launched its latest version of iOS5 in which 200 new features are included for the Ipads , Iphones and Ipod touch.
Notification center is added to the new iOS. In the earlier Iphone it was observed that there were interruptions and whenever we used to receive any new mail or message but now we can see all our mails and messages in the notification center with just one swipe. Also stock ticker and weather conditions are also visible.

iMessage is launched with the help of which Apple has created new messaging service for all IOS5 users. iMessage is built in message app and is a very cool feature added to the iOS5. Using twitter has become very simple in the new iOS5 as you just need to sign in once and then you can tweet at any time from your safari. With the new iOS5 you can have many enhancements with the help of which you can easily make your photos better by increasing the brightness and reducing red eye or even cropping. More web browsing features are also added in the new iOS5 as the new OS allows you to read everything without any distraction as it improves the Safari performance

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