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Comparison between iPhone4 and Samsung Galaxy S2

In this age of the smart phones two most popular phones are Apple’s iPone4 and Samsung Galaxy S2. Both the phones are very popular among all the people. Here are some of the points which differentiate both the phones with each other.






Features iPhone4 Galaxy S2

  1. Operating System (OS) iOS by Apple Android By Google
  2. CPU A4 processor ARM Cortex A9 dual Core ( 1GHz)
  3. Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP 3.1 A2DP
  4. Service Apple Samsung
  5. Adobe Flash No Yes
  6. Weight 137 gm 116gm
  7. Screen 3.5 inch 4.3 inch
  8. Camera 5 Megapixel 8 Megapixel with more features
  9. Price starting Rs 30000/- Starting Rs- 28000/-
  10. Memory Card slot No Yes

On comparing both the handsets we found that Samsung Galaxy S2 provides us with better features which are mentioned beneath.

Samsung Galaxy S2 has a larger screen size which is also multi-touch and provides a better browsing experience whereas the iPhone has a smaller screen though it also serves us with the multi-touch.

Samsung galaxy S2 also serves us with the radio which is absent in the iPhone4. Galaxy S2 is based on the new technology of 4G and also has HDMI whereas the iPhone4 is works on the 3G network.

If we talk about the speed the hardware of Samsung Galaxy is really very smart as it consists of 1GHz Dual Core Tegra 2 Processors which were in earlier times used in CPU. iPhone has half of the Ram as that of Galaxy s2 that is 512 MB and also processor is of low level.

After comparing all the features we can surely that Samsung Galaxy S2 is better than the iPhone4 in terms of features. If you are planning to buy a new smart phone then you should definitely buy Samsung Galaxy s2 but if you are a great Apple lover or a big fan of Apple then you can also buy the iPhone4.

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