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Apple Would Have To Pay 2.29 Million As A Fine

Apple has been fined 2.25 million Australian Dollars for misguiding the citizens of Australia about their new iPad. The main misguide was that iPad with wi-Fi + 4G can run the 4G connections in Australia but the iPad could simply run it.

Apple has to pay this penalty to the Australian Govt. and also it is a message for Apple that from next time it should test al things and then make promotion of its products with exact features.

The proceedings of the case were handled by the ACCCC ( Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ) and the people working for ACCCC are quite happy as the decision is taken in their favour.

Apple has been asked to correct the and publish the right features of the Tablet and even people can ask for a refund if the person feel that he is been cheated. The iPad 4G features are just fulfilled by the networks which are available in Canada and US.

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