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Apple iPhone5 Most Awaited Phone of Year

Last year there were rumors about the launch of iPhone5 by Apple but Apple launched a modified Apple iPhone 4S instead of Apple iPhone5. With the beginning of the other quarter of this year, all eyes are waiting for apple to launch the Apple iPhone5.

Apple iphone5 is one of the most awaited smart of the year and now the release date of iPhone5 is coming close. Last year Apple launched its Apple iPhone 4S during the vacation season which gave benefit and more profit to the sales of the iPhone 4S. Now it is expected that this year, Apple will launch iPhone5 during vacation season so that it gets more attention and also more sales.

Rumors are there that the new iPhone5 will have a larger retina display nearly about 4inches. Apple is increasing the display size because of the public craze of larger screen phones. The retnia display will be there which will be as soft as feather.

Also the iPhone5 should come with iOS6 which is the latest version of iOS launched this year. iOS6 has introduced certain new features which should be pre-built in the iPhone5. The new iPhone, iPhone5 would also be faster and smarter in order to compete with the android smartphones featuring quad core processors.

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