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Apple iOS6 Announcement and Availability

Apple has finally put an full stop to all the rumours of iOS6 by finally launching it WWDC 2012. The features of the iOS6 are officially announced but the release of the new iOS6 is set to ‘fall’.

how to install iOS6

It can be assumed that fall is the time when new iPhone is going to released. Currently iOS6 is supported by iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4S. Also the iPad2 and the new iPad fully supports the iOS6. The next generation iPod touch is also expected to support the iOS6.

Also earlier Apple also announced the launch of the update of the Mac OS that is Mountain Lion OS X. Mountain Lion OS X is expected to be available with the mac users till july.


apple iOS6 release date


Also there are some rumours going on about the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 rumours say that the new iPhone is going to have a larger and a better quality display. The display screen size should greater than 4 inches. Also rumours are there in the market that the new iPhone should definitely have new design which should be different than its old one. Apple should also put an end to these rumours by officially announcing iPhone 5.


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