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Yahoo! Messenger App For iPhone to Offer Video Chat to PC

Couple of days ago, we informed you about iMovicha app to enable FaceTime calls from iPhone to PC or Mac and vise versa. Today, an interesting report from Reuters claiming that Yahoo is planning to offer a free mobile app version of Yahoo Messenger with built in video calling capabilities for both the iPhone and Android.

The free app, will be available for both iPhone and Android phones and will allow smartphone users to not only conduct video calls with each other, but with anyone that currently uses Yahoo Messenger for video calls on their PCs, Katz said (Messenger has 81 million users worldwide, according to Yahoo).

And unlike FaceTime, Yahoo’s mobile Messenger video calling app will work not only over a WiFi connection, but over a carrier’s standard wireless network.

Apple was asked for a comment, Apple said in a statement: “We do allow apps on the App Store that support video calling on WiFi and 3G networks.” but the app is not approved yet. We are waiting for an approval and will inform you soon.

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