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Whited00r, Install Modded 3.1.3 Firmware to Replace iOS 4 on iPhone 2G and iPod Touch 1G

Happy News for iPhone 2G and iPod Touch 1G owners, Some developers has successfully created a Modded 3.1.3 Firmware to replace iOS 4 on iPhone 2G and iPod Touch 1G, This project called “Whited00r” and it brings a lot of features of the iOS 4.
This Modded Firmware (3.1.3) brings this features:

  • Jailbreak
  • Hacktivation
  • native MMS enabled
  • native USB Tethering enabled
  • native Bluetooth Tethering enabled
  • native Battery Percentage enabled
  • 3GS’s Tap To Focus enabled (fake)
  • emojii enabled everywhere
  • Voice Control Vocalia
  • Voice Control Home Button Double Click
  • fake Compass to fast-respring
  • 4.0 System Version
  • 27 Wallpapers from iOS4
  • semi-trasparentdock form iOS4
  • icons from iOS4
  • reflective dock toggle
  • springboard backgorund
  • sms background
  • no Winterboard or BossPaper

Watch the video showing this Modded Firmware (3.1.3) working on iPhone 2G:

Note: This will be on your Own Risk, I’m not responsible for any damage happen to your Device.

Follow the steps mentioned in the Site of Whited00r Project:

Step 1: Download the original firwmare
Download Apple Original Firwmare for your device

iPhone 2G 3.1.3/7E18
iPod Touch 1G 3.1.3/7E18
(right click on link, “save as..”)

Step 2: Download PwnageTool
To create your custom firmware you need a version of Pwnage Tool (MacOS) modified by me.
Choose your version here and download it

Send a mail to if you can’t create a custom firwmare with Pwnage Tool or you are a Windows user.

Step 3: Save your data
Install DiskAid: Download it!
Access to the root of iPhone or iPod using DiskAid and search for data you need to save.

Most common folders are:
Games Saving: /User/Applications
Contacts: /User/Library/AddressBook/AddressBook.sqlitedb
SMS: /User/Library/SMS/sms.db (restoring SMS database could break MMS feature)

Step 4: Create your Custom Firmware
You can easy create a custom firmware using PwnageTool.
1) Open the modified PwnageTool you downloaded before.
2) Click on Advanced Mode (#1), select your device (#2)
3) Let PwnageTool to search your computer for the original Apple firmware. If it fails, search it manually
4) Go on an in Global menu check “Activate phone” only if you don’t have legit SIM card for activation of you iPhone. You can leave other setting to default.
5) Finally you can start creation of your custom firmware!

Step 5: Flash with iTunes
From iTunes click on RESTORE holding ALT (MacOS) or SHIFT (Windows) at the same time and select this firmware you created with PwangeTool from you computer
If you get some errors like 1600, 1604 try reinstalling iTunes or try a different computer. If it is not enaught try isntalling Apple Original 3.1.3 firmware and then try again putting your device in DFU

IMPORTANT: At the end of flashing, choose “Set as new iPhone” when promted (so not select “Restore previous Backup”).

Step 6: Recover your data
Access to the root of iPhone or iPod using DiskAid and put back for data you saved in step 2 in the right folders.

Step 7: Enjoy new Features
IMPORTANT: Reboot you device!!

Guys, I didn’t try it but I think and it seems like it’s great and worked successfully for some people, Please let me know if you successfully managed to install this Modded Firmware on your iPhone 2G or iPod Touch 1G. [via FSM]