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Use your iOS Device While Its Syncing with FreeSync !

Ever get annoyed of those long sync times when you plug your iOS device to iTunes as it backs up or when you’re syncing a lot of media? Don’t you want to use your device while it’s syncing? If you do, this the tweak just for you! FreeSync is a tweak in Cydia released today that allows you to use your iOS device during Sync times.

FreeSync is a gret feature for anyone that needs to wait for their devices to finish. With FreeSync, you can now play a game on your device while it’s syncing! If you’re a multitasker and you’re in a hurry, you can check your email and do whatever you need to do while it syncs.

What’s so great about FreeSync? FreeSync provides a toggle in the Settings app and it also notifies you when it starts syncing. Once it ends the sync, it notifies you that it is finished.

FreeSync is available for $1.00 in the ModMyi Repo.

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