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Two Most Requested Features, Come to New Twitter

Twitter will enrich its new web interface with some new features, today we were tipped with arrival of the most requested features which will be touchable in the New Twitter. the two features are “Reply to All” and “Auto-complete”

Reply-to-all function does exactly what you would think, so that if some names are mentioned in a tweet, your reply button will now reply to all mentioned names. If you want to remove any of the mentioned names, you have to handle this manually.

Auto-complete function allows you simply start with the ‘@’ sign and type the first letter of any name, then it will automatically suggest you with names.

Some of these feature may be already existing on some Twitter client apps, but we can’t forget the big amount of users who just use the service wia, Any way it seems like we will surprised with tons of the new amazing features on the NewTwitter interface.
[via thenextweb]

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