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This What Expected to be the iPhone 4G!!

Have been talking about the Next iPhone, But what Will it Really be and what’s the new features in it? These are just suggestions, But it’s based on references and expecting. So in this Post you can see All What you Want to know about the iPhone 4G!

A4 Processor 1Ghz
The processor of the iPhone was from 412Mhz to 600Mhz in the first 2 models of the 3G. This was felt when you compare between iPhone 3G and 3GS. But after the Nexus One, HTC HD2 and other mobile processors with 1Ghz, I think Apple should join the contest. So I Guess that the next iPhone will be 1Ghz

Display and Resolution May Start with 960 x 640 px
Apple Wants to make iPhone 4G very interesting, So they should Increase the Screen Resolution as they didn’t change the Screen since 1st model was 480 x 320 px. Apple ordered from Foxconn monitors that will be equipped with technologies to improve reading.
[Update: Confirmed at 960 x 640 Screen Resoultion, More Details]

Oh forgot to tell you that the screen is about 35% Thinner as the pictures from Tinhte shows.

5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera — Supporting Flash
That’s what I really like in the iPhone 4G, and I think that you all know that as the 5 Mega Pixel Camera expected for a while, I think it will comes with LED flash. This suggestions about the 5 Mega Pixel is According to the latest report from DigiTimes.

1280×720 HD Video Recording
Yes, It’s interesting and true as the iPhone OS 4 reveals ability to capture video at 1280×720 HD resolution instead of the standard 640×480 VGA res. Then The iPhone 4G could therefore be called an iPhone HD

256 MB (May be 512 MB) Memory?
The iPhone 4G discovered by Gizmodo had a capacity of 256 MB of RAM, which is identical to the 3GS … The DigiTimes has yet mentioned the presence of 512 MB in the next iPhone ..

16% More Battery
It will be a Larger battery for iPhone users, The battery would be 16% larger on the new iPhone! We have to wait for the next week to know the truth.

OS 4 on iPhone 4G? 
Yeah! It’s expected that the next iPhone will have iPhone OS 4 on it as the OS 4 Final is expected to be Released at the same event of the Unveil of iPhone 4G.
[via BeGeek]

I think that we will have to wait some time to Know What will be the Next iPhone!! If we know any new Features, You will be announced with it. If we missed something, hope you tell us!!

Update 1: USB Cable of the iPhone 4G has been Leaked, For more Detail head up here.

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