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This Guy is in Prison Because he Posted Naked Pictures of his Ex-Girlfriend on Facebook

Yes, that’s true! This guy, Joshua Ashby, a 20-year-old New Zealand painter is in prison right now. Why? Because Joshy posted naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook after they broke up.

After five months of relationship with his girlfriend, they broke up. Cuz of that, he cut up her dresses and told the lucky lady that “I’m going to kill you, dead bitch”. As usual, he logged onto his ex-girlfriend’s Facebook account and changed her profile picture to the naked one he had for her and guess what? he made the account public to everyone. Facebook has actually closed the account in 12 hours but this guy was unlucky.

Joshua’s parents described him as intense and agreed with the 4-month prison sentence they received from New Zealand court, his mother said:

And maybe when someone thinks about doing [something like that] they’ll remember someone got sent to prison for that and they’ll say: `Oh my God, I’m not going to do that.

So, be careful and try to handle naked pictures with care. To be jailbroken really hurts!

[, Gizmodo]