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The iPhone Warranty Invalidated Due To Environmental Conditions In Some Countries

iPhone 4 owners in Hong Kong who are having various problems in the repair / replacement their devices from Apple, the cause is the area’s environmental conditions that impact negatively on humidity sensors placed under the door Dock. the small little stickers inside every iPhone that discolor when they get wet, indicating user error “max out at 95% humidity”.

Hong Kong and other Asian countries are known for high humidity more than 95% especially in the period between June 1 and August 16. For an iPhone, this is the equivalent of spending two and a half months in a sauna.. Discoloration of the sensors causes the impossibility of having a device warranted. That is the allegation made by a consumer called Justin Hayward

I’ve never used it in the bath, gone swimming or anything like that,” Hayward said. “Let’s face it; many people do break the rules. But a significant number of people are making these kind of report. If the limitation is over 95 per cent humidity, they ought not to be selling the product here. I find it quite unbelievable – a real piece of corporate greed or a great oversight.

If the mechanism used by Apple for the detection of moisture does not work in all parts of the world, the company should not deny the warranty for these products although the humidity sensors indicate damage caused by the user. The problem is not only in the Far East, a woman in California earlier this year has sued Apple for the same reason. If the company does not intend to check / change this method, should at least reconsider the sale in countries where this limit is easy to exceed. [via CultOfMac]

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