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Tawkon App Shows Death Grip on iPhone, BlackBerry, Nexus One [Video]

Tawkon shows us “Death Grip” on iPhone, BlackBerry and Nexus One. This app for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone (Release soon) uses algorithms to determine how much radiation is being emitted from your cellular device. From the official blog,

As you can see in our quick demo, this phenomenon is not exclusive to the iPhone – the way you hold the phone – and specifically blocking the receiver – increases the transmission power of the phone to maintain good cellular connectivity, and thereby increases radiation levels you’re exposed to.

There are many other factors influencing radiation levels – such as your location, operators network load, your phone model SAR levels, etc – but during this demo we made an effort to keep changing factors constant so we could isolate and see the impact of the Death Grip on several different phones.

Here’s the demo that he is talking about, check it yourself

Apple has already taken about other devices and published videos of Antenna Problems on Nokia N97  and others after Apple opened it’s Antenna Labs and Antenna Site!
[via Tawkon]