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PwangeTool 4.0 Puts your Device at Risk!!

You know that there’s a new Version of PwangeTool which promises to jailbreak iPhone 3GS on iPhone OS 4 Beta without upgrading the baseband. The original Creators of PwangeTool had confirmed that the new PwangeTool 4.0 has been modified and redistributed without their permission, and the most important thing that it doesn’t patches some important files which are required for the ultrasn0w unlock to work properly.

danielsowden to iH8sn0w: hah the bigger problem is people risking their baseband with this rogue pirated PT from @4n0nym0u5DEV (which doesn’t even work!)
iH8sn0w to danielsowden: nope. And it really is broken in some very important (obvious!) ways (and very risky for unlockers to use too

Update 1: PwangeTool 4.0 Official release has been announced by The iPhone Dev Team, Now you can jailbreak your iPhone 3GS on iOS 4, More Details posted here.