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Oh, Remember Steve Jobs Conversion that was a Fake, Its REAL?

Do you remember that Conversion with Steve Jobs and Tom from Boy Genius Report. After Apple said it’s a fake and Steve Jobs didn’t do such a conversion, Now Boy Genius Report says that Steve Jobs email wasn’t fake and it was real, they have proves and they got a perfect post!

Here’s a good part in the post:

On to the Steve Jobs emails.
Jason Burford, someone who we have never worked with in the past, emailed us and said that he had a pretty interesting email conversation with Steve Jobs and wanted to share it with us, but wanted to be compensated. He sent us the email headers and we had some of our independent tech guys verify the email header information and then inform us whether they were legitimate. Their response was yes, that they were legitimate, and that the entire thread would be extremely hard to fake, if not impossible. After speaking with Jason and getting more background, I decided to run that story. There was an error in my write up where the last line in the article was written to be said by Steve Jobs, when in fact it was Jason who emailed that in reply to Steve Jobs.

Another good part:

Let’s go over it one more time… someone who wanted to remain 100% anonymous and only asked to be paid a nominal fee of a couple hundred dollars lied and completely made up this entire thing? Someone who showed me in his AT&T call records more than two calls from Apple representatives (Texas phone numbers, confirmed to be Apple Customer Relations) on the exact dates he said they called trying to resolve the situation after he had emailed Steve Jobs? Someone who repeatedly emailed me and the BGR staff to correct the last line in my story since it wasn’t accurate? Someone who has now had his name revealed to the public via a tasteless article from AppleInsider, and is now being called by reporters non-stop asking about this article and whether his exchange is true or not? They still wouldn’t admit this was fake? No, you know why? Because it wasn’t fake.

Hey, they got the real proofs there on their post, check the full post with title “The entire Steve Jobs email story… It’s real” from BGR here. Stay tuned for more news!