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Newton OS Running on iPhone Thanks to Einstein Emulator [Video]

Forget iOS 4.2 and Android Froyo 2.2 on iPhone, Now it’s time for Newton OS. This Monday morning, developer Matthias Melcher has wisely ported the forgotten operating system Newton OS onto iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. He’s currently working on performance optimizations that’ll hopefully have it running like a charm.

Einstein is an open-source project to run (via emulation) the Newton OS on modern hardware. It was written and released by Paul Guyot several years ago. It’s quite an amazing piece of work.

The project got a shot in the arm earlier this month when Matthias Melcher got it up and running on iOS and posted a video of himself running it on his iPhone. Being a Newton fan since my original MessagePad in 1993, it was quite a sight to see.

Matthias mentioned he didn’t have an iPad yet, so I grabbed the source and built it for my iPad so I could take a little movie and share

Even if the video embedded looks little slow and bad performance, but Melcher has mentioned that speed will improve as there are a lot of optimizations yet to be made. Check out the instructions posted here to get it running on your iOS device. [via PanicBlog]

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