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New Features in iPhone OS 4 Beta 4

Today we announced you that Apple has released the new iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 but we didn’t have a change log, So now we got Some Features and we will be updating for any new Features and Screenshots…
Home Screen:
It’s not as the default Home screen Instead of all your apps being spread out when you first turn on your iPhone, Now a new folder called “Utilities” which contains the clock, compass, calculator and voice memos.

There are new backgrounds included. This is really a new and amazing feature, and these backgrounds aren’t busy or distracting

Group Messaging:
Apple added another new option to toggle off the ability to send group messages, There’s a button that can set on and off for group messages as you see in the screenshot below.

AT&T Tethering:
Yes!! That’s Wonderful, Finally Apple comes with a long-overdue feature: Internet tethering from AT&T. The inclusion of tethering in the iPhone OS 4.0 beta don’t mean that it will come with the final version of iPhone OS 4.0 but we just may Hope that!!

[Note: For those who aren’t seeing the tethering option despite having the newest iPhone OS beta, just reset your network settings and that issue should be fixed. Source]

Camera Roll:
There’s something new in the Photo app that you can finally view your Camera Roll in a different orientation. [unless you have Orientation Lock turned on]

Now, we are collecting all possible new features that’s coming on the iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 and we will post any of it, If you got a new feature you can tell us.

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