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MuscleNerd: One More Thing to Unlock iPhone 4

iPhone Dev Team has been working for a week on the Unlock, they already made Good progress by Planetbeing and MuscleNerd. Couple of days ago, MuscleNerd said that they are one step closer (details here), But Today, He confirmed that they reached to this step and they Got Full iPhone 4 bars.

Full i4 bars with custom “steve” background task spitting out “One more thing” – all pieces in place:)
It means the “next step” demoed in has been reached, so now there’s just 1 final step
Next step is to keep the task backgrounded like we did for 3G/3GS Backgrounded task is the unlock.

Oh, Forgot to tell you about the Jailbreak. Ok, It’s coming very Soon as Comex already handled jailbreak for iOS 4 but he is waiting for iOS 4.0.1/4.1 Release, Also Geohot has already jailbroken his iPhone 4 but there’s no ETA.
It’s Really Very Near, So Stay Tuned and Don’t forget to Follow me on Twitter for breaking News about iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS [New Bootrom] Jailbreak, Also iPhone 4 Unlock.

WARNING: In the screenshot you may See “AT+PP”, and may still There after the unlock. This means that You shouldn’t upgrade to iOS 4.0.1 / 4.1 Whenever it’s Released To be able to Jailbreak and Unlock.