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MuscleNerd is one Step Closer to the iPhone 4 Unlock

Yeah, they are about to Unlock iPhone 4, MuscleNerd has just tweeted that he and Planetbeing are in Progress in iPhne 4 Unlock and may hit the web at any moment, they already got the bootrom of the iPhone 4 and compared it to the one of the iPhone 3GS.

Good progress on iPhone4 unlock with @planetbeing: http://is.gd/dh2WE <-injected cmd! (Akin to http://is.gd/dh2Ze on 3G)

For people asking about the Jailbreak, Don’t worry it may be released now while I’m talking to you and this Jailbreak will be for iOS 4 on all devices including our iPhone 4s.

Update 1: Seems like good progress is in it’s way and Unlock is coming soon, some MuscleNerd and Planetbeing tweets confirms that they still working on the Baseband unlock and they are in the final Step..


The baseband bootrom: c43b30a4ae92571338d93cc42c4050a40dce1e2a. However, @musclenerd and I have run into a speed-bump. 

Hah, looks like there’s something in bb for us too. I love tambering.


Next step is to keep the task backgrounded like we did for 3G/3GS http://is.gd/dh7Jh. Backgrounded task is the unlock.

Steady iPhone4 unlock progress with @planetbeing…custom “pp” command to dump thread priorities: http://is.gd/dirUZ

Stay Tuned for more updates…

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