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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Brings Tons of New Features

Back to the Mac was a great event for Mac lovers! First, two new Macbook air announces one 11.6-inch and other 13.3-inch. Then, Steve Jobs announced Mac OS X 10.7 or what’s called by Lion.

Multi-touch gestures
Apple knows that touch screen notebooks don’t work, trackpads and mice are the way to multitouch a desktop operating system. With this in mind, Lion will have advanced gesture support

Mac App Store
The App Store revolutionized mobile applications, so of course they bring it to the Mac. Features are automatic installation, one-click downloads, automatic app updates, apps will be licensed for use on all of your Macs. This will be available first under 10.6 Snow Leopard in 90 days. On the developer side, the Mac App Store will have the same developer 70/30 split as the iOS App Store, and submissions will be accepted soon. See screenshot below of the Mac App Store:

Launchpad is Home Screen for your Mac, supports multitouch gestures and multiple pages of apps, folder support, the whole thing very similar to iOS on an iPad. This is part of a newer and more refined Mac OS X GUI. See screenshot below:

Full screen apps
immersive experience of iOS apps comes to the Mac, true full screen support for apps, takes away window bars. Supports multitouch gestures to swap between fullscreen apps, desktops, and other apps. See screenshot below:

Mission Control
Expose, full screen apps, Dashboard, Spaces all in one – (we called better window management) – how do you make them all work together? Unify them under Mission Control

self explanatory, awesome feature and much needed. Clicking Save feels archaic after using an iPad/iPhone, doesn’t it? Yup, bring it to Mac OS X

Mac OS X Lion has a scheduled release date of summer 2011. It will be called Lion and is a significant update to OS X. ac App Store will open up within 90 days and will work on Snow Leopard. [via OS X Daily]

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