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Logging into Twitter and Facebook using your Face & Voice [Video]

A great new feature has just been developed by European MoBio (Mobile Biometry) Project, Manchester Team. They have worked so hard on this feature and now N900 can run this feature. The features allows you to login to your favorite “Social Network” using “Voice” and “Face Recognition”.

This new feature has made it easy for users to log-in to their account using their voice or their face, it also includes face movement and eye blinking so no one can easily login to your account. This means that this new feature has brought Security and reliability.

As part of the European MoBio (mobile biometry) Project, the Manchester team has developed a demo app that can log the user into Gmail, Twitter and Facebook using just face and voice recognition. Work on the technology finishes this month and Dr Philip A. Tresadern says that a number of well-known companies in the mobile space have shown interest in using the technology.

According to Dr Tresadern we can’t fool this App as it also uses our eyeblinking and face movement. He also added that they have done this experiment on Nokia N900 and this feature might also hit iPhone 4 late after their experimentation on iOS devices.

Cool features, eh? What do you think? [via TNW]