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iPod Touch 4G Leaked in eBay, But not in Market!

Just a quick heads up, Just found an Apple’s iPod Touch next generation, it seems like the iPod is not in market! You can join the eBay and bid for your offer. Also, there’s some images for this iPod Touch 4G you can see it below..

We have already seen an iPod Touch 4G in the wild, then we saw an iPod Touch 4G from MacRumors with a hole in the front referring to a FaceTime camera as in the iPhone 4, but this one not appearing if have a front camera or not!

You can check this iPod Touch 4G in eBay and it’s screenshots / images from here.
You can tell me what you think about this iPod Touch 4G and what’s behind it in the comment section below..

Update 1: In eBay, it’s written “iPod Touch 3rd G” but it’s the same photos of leaks before! so I wrote iPod Touch 4G! We still don’t know if it’s iPod Touch 4G or not, but it can’t be 3G.