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iPhone Replaces Credit Cards In New York

Now you can use your iPhone instead of your credit card by a new unique service is called “payWave” which allow you to make payments with your iPhone, In New York it is just possible to test this service as the enabled-machines were positioned at strategic locations such as railway stations and subway.

Paying the train fare will be much faster and easier than before, simply, you will have to download the dedicated application from the AppStore, then you just need to “Slide to Pay”, then it will deduct the money from the credit card that you have associated to the application.

For now this type of payment is being tested by the New Yourk City Transit, NJ Transit and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, in order to be able to see if it can take hold in a positive way or not. See how it works in the below video.

Visa is also working with Bank of America to bring smartphone payments to retailers in New York City. Will you use such apps?
[via 9to5mac]

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