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iPhone 4G Presentation by Steve Jobs [Video]

CNN has just posted a video showing Steve Jobs presenting iPhone 4G in his Keynote at the WWDC 2010. He is presenting the features in the OS 4 that we announced you by it today while the WWDC was live, You can watch the video after the jump!

Don’t watch this small Video, Check the big one Here.

Today we announced you by the next iPhone 4G and everything you need to know about the iPhone 4 / HD. Also we announced you by iOS 4 Firmware that we called it iPhone OS 4.

Update 1: Apple Posts iPhone 4 Keynote Video of 112 Minutes! Watch the Video from Here.
Update 2: Amazing: Apple has just posted their 112 Minutes Video where Steve Jobs announces with iPhone 4G on Youtube, Watch the video from Here.