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iPhone 4 Unlock Done, Lets begin the Countdown

Yes, You read it right! Planetbeing has just managed to Unlock iPhone 4, Planetbeing has finally unlocked his iPhone 4. He has posted on his twitter account that he got his iPhone 4 Unlocked! So Let’s  beigin the Countdown for Release Time.

Looks Like I Now Have An Unlocked iPhone 4 🙂

Hah! Thanks MuscleNerd and Planetbeing for your Hard work to Unlock iPhone 4s, Now I think we should wait for Comex to Release his Jailbreak first to be able to Unlock (I think Using Ultrasn0w)
So Guys, Wanna be the first to Jailbreak and Unlock? You can by Following me on Twitter or become a fan for our Facebook Fan Page to get the News and be updated!

Update 1: iPhone 4 Unlocked in Canada by Planetbeing, Video will be available Soon!, Follow me on Twitter:

Update 2: Seems Like it has been Jailbroken also (at the same time), Check details posted here.