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iOS 4.0.1 on iPhone 4 Confirmed Unlockable

Well, Planetbeing today has posted on his twitter account that he has already updated to iOS 4.0.1 on his iPhone 4and that was a good thing to find that it’s unlockable with taller bars. This unlock is the one that Planetbeing used before and Musclenerd said that it’s the best and they will use it on the new update for Ultrasn0w.

I updated to 4.0.1. Yay, taller bars and the unlock still works fine out of the box.

Hey, The Unlock (Ultrasn0w 0.94) is Ready and they are just waiting for comex to release his new jailbreak tool that most of you say “Spirit”, So Stay tuned to get the news whenever the tool is available for download.

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