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How to:Add official Twitter Button In Blogger

Twitter just announced its official tweet button, which allow you simply to retweet your posts, so I will show you by very simple steps how to install the official twitter tweet button in your Blogger blog.
Step 1:Login to your Blogger account.
Step 2:Once you login your blogger account, click on Design (you can find it in Blogger Dashboard)

 Step 3:Click on Edit HTML (Warning:You should have a backup for your template by taking a copy from your html code and save it in a notpad file before you start doing any changes).

 Step 4:Click on the check box “Epand Widget Templates

Step 5:Search for

and then put the next code above it.

Step 6:Click on Save Template, to save the new changes.
Step 7:Open you blog you will see the new official twitter tweet button.

Advanced Options:
In code which existing in step 5, you can edit the some parameters to change the look and location of the official twitter button as follow:
-You can replace float:left with float:right if you want to put the button in the right side.
-You can replace data-count=’vertical’ with data-count=’horizontal’ or data-count=’none’ , in the next screenshot you can see the difference.

-You can put your Twitter account name here data-via=’bloggerplugins’ you have to change ‘bloggerplugins’ with your twitter name for example: if your twitter name is Mark the code will be data-via=’Mark’