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HOW TO: Install Cydia Tweaks & Apps using Redsn0w 0.9.6b3

Earlier today we posted that iPhone Dev Team has released Redsn0w 0.9.6b3 with OpenSSH and APT patches which is really useful for app developers who wants to try their Cydia tweaks and jailbreak apps on iOS 4.2.1.

As you know, Cydia is still broken on iOS 4.2.1 and the new version is not out yet but with the latest version of Redsn0w, you can install jailbreak apps without Cydia installed on your iOS device. Your jailbreak-app package must be in gzip-compressed tar format that Redsn0w can read and also it must be around 15MB in size. The iPhone Dev Team already released OpenSSH package can be download from here which is used to install OpenSSH using the instructions below.

STEP 1: Download Redsn0w 0.9.6b3 (Windows – Mac OS X).

STEP 2: Your device must be on iOS 4.2.1, and you have to save .IPSW firmware of iOS 4.2.1 on your desktop (helpful link).

STEP 3: Once you download Redsn0w, launch it and click Browse then select the suitable iOS 4.2.1 .IPSW file for your iOS device so RedSn0w can recognize it.

STEP 4: In this new page, mark on “Install Custom Bundle” & “Just boot tethered right now” options. Then select the package you want to install as shown in the screenshots below:

STEP 5: After few minutes, the tool will recognize the package then click on Next and you will be guided to put your iOS device in DFU mode.

STEP 6: Once your device in DFU mode, it will reboot with SSH package installed. Now use Cyberduck (Mac OS X) or WinSCP (Windows) to SHH into your device.

From now on, you will need to boot using Redsn0w whenever your device is rebooted until comex make iOS 4.2.x jailbreak untethered. So, whenever you want to SSH into your device, you must first run your device in the “jailbroken state” on every reboot by using “Just boot tethered right now” option in Redsn0w. We’ll be happy to answer your questions. [via iPhoneItalia]

UPDATE 1: Here’s how to install Cydia on jailbroken iOS 4.2.1 devices via SSH enabled devices, check full guide posted here.

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