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How to: Crack any Appstore App

Wondered How to Crack any Appstore App, Here’s a guide for How to: Crack any Appstore App.

SSH client Putty
SSH client WinSCP
DCrypt modified version of XCrack by Floydianslip

Step 1: Jailbreak your Device, Step-by-Step guide from Here.
Step 2: Install all these items from Cydia (use the Search button)

Erica Utilities
GNU Debugger
iPhone 2.0 Toolchain
Link Identity Editor
UUID Generator

Step 3: SSH you device using WinSCP
Step 4: Copy DCrypt to “/private/var/root”
Step 5: Set permissions to 775
Step 6: Type in “cd /private/var/root”
Step 7: Type in “./ DCrypt appname (ex: ./DCrypt tictactouch)”
Step 8: Wait for script to finish then retrieve cracked .ipa from /private/var/root/Documents/Decrypted/ (I use WinSCP for copying the .ipa to comp)

One Reply to “How to: Crack any Appstore App”

  1. Ron

    Maybe can help, like to take an app on my iPhone that was removed from app store, was a free app assume not supported anymore and install on my iPad, think this part is easy just back up on computer and sync on iPad or move there, but the truckier part is putting on devices with different Apple ID’s.