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How to: Convert any Video format to be Available on iPad

This tutorial is showing how to convert any video format to be available on the iPad, the application is named “Aleesoft Free iPad Video Converter”, This application Can run on Mac and Windows OS (XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7), The Free Video Converter also allows you to convert these formats. You can follow this step by step guide to convert video to be available on iPad …

Step 1:  Download the Application from Here, to Convert video first select the type of video you want to convert to. The options under the iPad section are limited to the files supported on the iPad. That happens to be only .MP4 files. You have 3 Options, Which are H.264, HD Video and MPEG-4. If you do not know what you need simply leave it on iPad HD videos and let’s continue.

Step 2: Press on “New Task” You will see this sub menu, then Add videos you want:

Step 3: After adding files, Press on “Convert” button, select the destination folder to save your output files in it, wait to end the converting. When it is complete you will have an .mp4 version of your video for your iPad! You can find the file in the output folder:

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