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GreenPois0n to Jailbreak iPhone 4, iOS 4.1?

Now, here’s an interesting piece of news coming from pod2g. Remember GreenPois0n jailbreak tool for iPad which was never released from p0sixninja, GreenPois0n will be back again to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G and iPad. Pod2g has hinted that he used the tool build by p0sixninja by running it on iPhone 4 and it works well.

Hey, @p0sixninja ‘s epic greenpois0n works well on iPhone 4G ! (need to work on the framebuffer code tho ! )

Greenpois0n jailbreak tool will be used as toolkit here alongside the latest bootrom exploit (SHAtter) by pod2g. This will save loads of time and cuts in jailbreak development of iOS 4.1 to half as Will Strafach points:

remember when we said greenpois0n would come to use later as a toolkit? using it to create this jailbreak is cutting our workload in half (or maybe more). that’s why pod mentioned it.

It’s not confirmed that the next jailbreak will be named GreenPois0n but at least the same code will be used to build the tool. Hackers are currently working hard to make the releases sooner than later, as usual, we will keep you informed by any updates about the tool.

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