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Greenpois0n is Untethered Jailbreak [Confirmed]

Few hours ago we detect some news flying around about the tethered status of the upcoming Greenpois0n jailbreak for iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G and iPad. now we can say that the new Greenpois0n is confirmed as untethered jailbreak (i.e. you will not need to connect your iPhone to your computer when you need to reboot).

Again, major thanks to @comex for getting greenpois0n untethered.

Those reading between the lines: Yes SHAtter itself is tethered. @comex came up with a way to untether it on 4.1/3.2.2

In case you don’t know, it has been confirmed that the ETA (estimate to arrival) of Greenposi0n jailbreak on this Sunday October 10th, and it will hacktivate iPhone 4 & jailbreak 4th generation devices forever. We will keep you informed.

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