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Google Pac-Man Costs $120,483,800 in productivity.

Last Week we announced you by Changes in Google’s Logo celebrating by Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary. People laughed and joke about this Logo for Google Homepage. Then let’s see what happened after some calculations..

RescueTime did some calculations and determined that Google Pac-Man consumed 4,819,352 hours of time, or $120,483,800 in productivity — WOW.

This calculations was determined by a hard look at Pac-Man D-Day and compared it with previous Fridays and found some noticeable differences. They took a random subset of the users (about 11,000 people spending about 3 million seconds on Google that day) The average user spent 36 seconds MORE on on Friday..

RescueTime assumed that the average Google user makes $25 per hour; that’s considerably higher than median income in Internet-connected nations. [via Mashable]

If you didn’t try it yet, you can navigate to, Also you can Download the Game using this Method to try it.