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Gevey SIM is illegal [Warning]

MuscleNerd of iPhone dev-team has announced some bad news about Gevey SIM which unlock iPhone 4 basebands 2.10.04 / 3.10.01 / 4.10.01, MuscleNerd said that Gevey SIM is illegal in USA and probably other countires as it dials 112 (emergency) then hang up.

Likely the carriers will block the SIMs that are causing the repeated emergency call hang ups, and if you change the blocked SIM many times, you yourself will get banned by carrier.

That “dial 112 then hang up” in gevey is illegal in USA, and probably other countries. Buyer beware.

So the question is can the hackers improve Gevey SIM to work legally? Unfortunately, MucleNerd confirmed that there is no way to make Gevey SIM method legal. So I highly recommend who is looking for unlock to wait for ultrasn0w from the dev-team.

Gevey SIM all you need to know Click Here.